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Santa Cruz organic lemonade

OMG, Whole Foods have these on sale this week, 5/$5!  Cherry, peach, & regular. My guess is that cherry number is gonna’ taste so good w/ some vodka stirred into it while grillin’ by the pool tomorrow!  They also had whole, sweet corn, 8/$2!  Grill it, add a lil’ butter, mayo, parm, chipotle, & lime […]

Whole Foods Q&A

Have you ever noticed on your way out of a Whole Foods that they have the comments/feedback board?  You can drop your questions/comments/concerns in the drop box and a manager will write a response and post it on the wall – usually with in a week.  Have you ever stood there and read them to […]


Saw these at Whole Foods the other day and just had to scoop ’em up!  It was the colors that intrigued me, then I saw the flavors – how awesome!  I have to report, they were pretty yummy.  But then again, I rarely meet a candy I don’t like.  My co-workers dug ’em too.


Ahhh, fall truly arrived week before last w/ the arrival of pumkins @ Whole Foods & NorthPark Center. Some 4 buying, the others 2 look at. :o) Wow, I guess the pumpkin/squash mix-up is pretty popular this year…nice.