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Roasted Ricotta Roma’s

Ree Drummond, you know, the Pioneer Woman?  Of course you do…hell, if you’ve been following this blog at all, you should!  She’s got a lot of buddies and guest bloggers on her site, and one of them happens to be tattooed hottie, Pastor Ryan, and I made his ricotta roasted tomatoes!  And I was ballsy enough […]

I met The Pioneer Woman, again!

Ree Drummond was in Dallas again last night to sign her new book, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, which is her personal account of her “transition from city life to ranch wife.”  I can’t wait to dive into the book, but I am more excited that Ree remembered the gift basket I have her in […]

Squash It!

It’s that time of year…recipes are spread far and wide across my counter and dining room table, this season’s magazines are ear marked with Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes, and I’m poking around some of my fave foodie blogs for inspiration as well. It’s all so much, and I can’t make it all, but I have […]

Cheese, plz.

What to do when you have a few leftover of varieties of cheese in the fridge that you don’t want to go bad? Good ‘ole mac n’ cheese!  You know the kind I’m talking about…the naughty kind.  The kind where you make a flour and cream roux…looks something like this: Yeah, if you’re gonna’ do […]

PW Cookoff!

Julie and I had a PW (also known as P-Dub, P-Dub-Diddy, or simply Pioneer Woman) cookoff.  Julie is my friend that went to the PW book signing with me, where we were 4th in line people!  I keep marveling at that, because it’s not like we stood in line all day, it was kinda’ by accident.  […]

PW’s White Chicken Enchiladas

Made another PW (Pioneer Woman) recipe last night – white chicken enchiladas!  Now, these are enchilada’s from SCRATCH, which really only means I made the cheesy roux that gets poured all over them.  Of course you know I made some substitutions, I didn’t want them to be so fattening, so here’s what I altered: Corn […]

PW’s shrimp pasta.

Okay, this is another recipe from Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond, and I’m mobile blogging, so I will have to give the link later. But trust me, it was so good! It’s basically shrimp, red sauce of crushed tomatoes & sauteed onions, finished off w/ a bit of cream & poured over linguine. So simple, so […]

I met The Pioneer Woman!

Last night Ree Drummond, (The Pioneer Woman), was in town for her Dallas book signing, and I was FOURTH in line people! There’s a lot to be said for arriving at Borders at 9am on the morning of the signing to get your gold (first color group) wristband! (Thank you Shawn!) Especially considering it was […]

Ree Drummond book signing 2mrw!

I’ve been SO excited about Dec. 1st for about 3 months now! Food, farm, & photography blogger Ree Drummond, AKA, The Pioneer Woman, will be in Dallas signing her 1st cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks! You may recognize her name from this blog, as I’ve mentioned her several times & linked her recipes. I also […]

Rosemary roasted potatoes and balsamic carrots with brussel sprouts

(Picture taken before roasting.) Okay, the rosemary roasted potatoes are another Pioneer Woman recipe, & the carrots & brussel sprouts I simply toss in EVOO, balsamic vinegar, & a lil’ kosher salt & pepper, & roast @ 375 for about 25-35 minutes. These are 2 recipes where simplicity really speaks volumes. :o)