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Texas State Fair

And on this, my 301’st post, I will celebrate the TX State Fair – and my 2 blue ribbons I won this year.  Yippee. Could I be anymore of a dork?  Probably not. I headed to the fair this past weekend with Ben & David, which happened to be the first Sat. of the fair, […]

My little red ribbon.

I left for England/Paris the week the TX State Fair opened, so I didn’t get to visit my winning entry until the 3rd weekend of the fair.  I had several people tell me after I got back that they had seen my tomato preserves on the shelf in the Creative Arts building – which was […]

I Took 2nd Place at the Texas State Fair!

For my tomato preserves!  Who would have thunk it after I saw all the beautiful submissions when I turned my selections in for consideration.  And sadly, because it was the ONE thing I entered that I did very last minute and in a rush, I don’t even have a picture to post for you!  lol  That is […]

I Entered Canned Goods in the Texas State Fair!

Since I’ve been canning for 3 years it never occurred to me I could enter jars into any contests…I don’t know why, it just never dawned on me.  Then a co-worker at my Sunday job, Sur La Table, told me how she enters her canned goods every year.  Hmmm…into the head it went, and then I was […]

TX State Fair.

Thank gawd it only comes around once a year – oh the gluttony! But it was so worth it! (l-r) Shawn, Ben, Me, and Kim gettin’ down on some corny dogs, then roasted corn, THEN caramel apples w/ peanuts! Avi was taking all the pics, but that’s his chili dog! lol