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Happy Anniversary (to me)

Apparently today is my three-year blog anniversary. I know this because it popped up in my trusty Google calendar. What I also know is that I suck at being a blogger lately!  I’ve been busy…with life…things like: See, I’ve been up to stuff…just haven’t been good at telling you all. Me sorries.

Simple Comforts: 50 Heartwarming Recipes

Just wanted to share a great little cookbook with y’all, Simple Comforts: 50 Heartwarming Recipes, which is published by Sur La Table.  Now, now, I really have no bias since I work part-time at SLT, I truly LOVE most all cookbooks.  But I gotta’ tell ya’, this lil’ cookbook packs a powerful punch!  I’d been […]

I got new baking pans!

And for free!  Imagine my surprise to find out I had a FedEx delivery last Friday, and inside was an 8x8x2 square, and a 10×15 1/2 sheet jelly roll pan from Sur La Table.  I’ve mentioned before that I work at SLT part time, and we often get incentives for selling certain products.  Apparently our […]

Squash It!

It’s that time of year…recipes are spread far and wide across my counter and dining room table, this season’s magazines are ear marked with Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes, and I’m poking around some of my fave foodie blogs for inspiration as well. It’s all so much, and I can’t make it all, but I have […]

New serving ware.

The hardest part about working part-time at Sur La Table is that you get to be first to see all the things go on clearance.  I could not pass up this cute lil’ set from Portugal.  It’s red clay with white glazing, but the lined edges are exposed clay where they left it without glazing. […]


When toasting sesame seeds they should be happy.  PS – This is my 8″ non-stick Scan Pan and I LOVE IT!  They’re on sale at Sur La Table now – GO!

Fave Kitchen Tools: Rösle Garlic Press

This has GOT to be one of my most used kitchen gadgets in the kitchen – the Rösle garlic press.  Yes, it’s $39, and YES it’s worth every penny!  Rösle makes great products, all stainless steel construction, easy to clean. Even unpeeled garlic cloves can be easily processed as the sieve component (lever w/ holes […]