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Who loves ‘the bar’ at the movies? Yeah, I’m totally not one of those, ‘directly in the center of the theater, 1/2 way up’ kinda’ people.  I’m pretty much addicted to the bar…it’s just so comfy! Oh, and this happened to be June 25th…why do I remember that?  Because my dear friend Sandy brought us all […]

PW Cookoff!

Julie and I had a PW (also known as P-Dub, P-Dub-Diddy, or simply Pioneer Woman) cookoff.  Julie is my friend that went to the PW book signing with me, where we were 4th in line people!  I keep marveling at that, because it’s not like we stood in line all day, it was kinda’ by accident.  […]

Dad’s Bday

While my Dad was here helping me on the renovations, we celebrated his birthday.  I had Sandy make me a cookie bouquet (Cookies By Design in Plano) to fit in this HUGE coffee mug that read, “I’m the DAD, that’s why!”  A phrase I heard often while growing up.  Therefore, it was fitting. She surprised me […]