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the plums are back

Guess what kids?  My lil’ Mexican plum trees, (a TX native tree by the way, prunus Mexicana to you horticulturists), across the street have the tiniest lil’ plums on them!  I’m so excited! You know what that means…they fruit in late summer/early fall, so come Aug/Sep/Oct, I’ll be canning a LOT of plum jam! 

Sickie-poo’s Day 4 contd.

Got baking done, bagged up the cookies in treat bags, as well as fudge bites, & started 2 put together goodie baskets & bags for friends & family. I had canned both plum jam & salsa earlier in the year to use for Christmas. I adorned most of the gifts w/ these cute star shaped cookie cutters, which […]

Plums round 2 (& 3)…

So last week I went at it again, w/ the 2nd batch I had been collecting the previous week. I had a LOT, enuff 4 1 batch & a 1/2. So I decided to combine the remaining 1/2 batch w/ these hard, yet crisp & sweet pears my managing editor, Linda, brought me from her […]

I came, I saw, I rescued, I canned!

Rememba’ these babies? Well, they met their tasty demise last night when I canned my first round! I boiled them up, added the sugar & Sure-Gel, skimmed off the “scummy” froth caused by the hard boil, & ladled the tangy sweet concoction into pint Ball jars. It smelled wonderful, tasted delightful, I only hope the […]

Can-can time!

This was my haul 2day…those are all Ball jars across the back if my truck. It’s me vs. the plums…it’s on! :o)

Blogging in the park…more plums.

Got a few more plums today. I got the number for the management office of the property to see if I can gain access to the other side of the wall. I just know there’s a lot more over there to be had! :o)

Out of the tree of life…

…I picked me a plum…well, a whole bowl as a matter of fact! So, across the street from where I live, on the sidewalk where I walk Frankie, I saw these mysterious, spherical, golden fruits-sprinkled about like little mini suns in the shrubbery & groundcover. A few weighted trees overhead were the culprit. It wasn’t […]