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Hello World!

Haha, remember that, “Hello World”?  For anyone that took computer programming in high school (talkin’ 80s here), it was the first thing you learned to program that would pop up on the screen.  Or, if you’re, say, a 34 year old that graduated with a computer science degree and spent nerdy time being a software […]

Modern Dallas Review – Komali

My latest review for Modern Dallas is up, this time I wrote about Abraham Salum’s second restaurant, Komali. You’ve got to try one of his many mole offerings, and his fresh tomatillo salsa is outta’ this world!

Modern Dallas Review – The Pearl Cup

My latest column for Modern Dallas is up, for December I wrote about The Pearl Cup!  We’ve still got a few months of super cold weather, I urge you to spice up your life and check out the Mexican Hot Chocolate!

I’m back – and my latest column for Modern Dallas is up!

Hey kiddos, I’m back from Europe, and not a day too soon considering all the terror threats and cautions for Americans to not visit, oh, EVERY important landmark in Paris and London!  Uhh, hellllloooo!  I was totally at them all, defying everything I heard on BBC World News each morning!  lol  I mean, what’s a […]

Modern Dallas Review – Neo Pizzeria

Hey guys, sorry for the delay.  The article published on Friday the 6th, but I was out of town on vacay and couldn’t pop into my posts to update.  My latest article for Modern Dallas was on Neo Pizzeria in Victory Park here in Dallas.  I know the architect that designed the space and it […]

Modern Dallas Review – Chipotle

I write a “food+design” column for Modern Dallas once a month, and my 2nd installement has hit the web this morning.  Check it out: http://www.moderndallas.net/chipotle.html I talk about sustainable food and design when it comes to Chipotle restaurants, specifically 3 locations here in Texas; West End in Dallas, Congress Ave. in Austin, and Louetta Rd. in Houston.  […]

My first column for Modern Dallas dropped today!

Okay, here ‘tis:  http://www.moderndallas.net/smokebolsa48.html  I’ve come on as the “food+design” writer for Modern Dallas, and for those of you who are locals, my first piece is about 3 Oak Cliff restaurants that are co-owned by the same business partners: Bolsa, Smoke, and 48 Nights. And now my publisher has asked me to write a more […]

SMOKE Restaurant – a teaser

As I mentioned last week, I’ll actually be reviewing Smoke, along with Bolsa and 48 Nights, in my upcoming column for Modern Dallas – but I wanted to give you a little teaser.  I had a GREAT interview with both Christoper Jeffers and Chris Zielke this past Saturday at Smoke, co-owners/conspirators of all 3 restaurants.  […]