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The other chair.

Okay, I got it – the infamous chair from this post.  I got it for $50, down from $100, which I thought was pretty good. I just love the clean lines and form of this chair.  Question is, what am I gonna’ do with all these damn chairs I keep buying!?  Remember, I got this one too? WELL…there […]

Another chair.

Okay, this is becoming ridiculous, either that, or someone’s trying to give me a sign. Saw this lil’ number in Century Modern in Deep Ellum on Sunday.  It was marked $95, and I barely glanced at it and the shop owner said he’d make me a really great deal on it, and offered $50.  I’m […]

My thrift store find today!

Today I had one of my Kerrie Does Dallas days…don’t let your mind go there! These are days when I want to wander neighborhoods I haven’t been to yet, or check out local dives or shops I’ve seen as I whiz by, but have never stopped. I’ve been on my endless quest to find cake […]

Statler Hilton memorabilia?

Last weekend I went poking around a few of our great antique (read: mostly mid-century modern, 70’s eclectic) stores, and drug my friend Shawn along.  I was looking for vintage cake stands of any form, pewter, depression glass, vaseline glass, porcelain…just poking around to see what I could see. I was just about done making […]