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Etsy Dallas Hosts Jingle Bash

Guess what I’m doin’ this afternoon w/ my gal-pal Kanita? Looks like a lotta’ good, homeade, down-home fun, doesn’t it!  You should come!  go to handmadebash.com for full details. And if you’re into this sorta thing, you should definitely follow etsy Dallas on Facebook!

Steak, Porcini, and Parmesan Risotto – and a Giveaway!

Mark and David were so lovely to send me this book: 100 Perfect Pairings: Small Plates to Enjoy with Wines You Love by Jill Silverman Hough is a great go-to book for salads, apps, and even small plates.  I cracked it open, and right away found a recipe for steak risotto with cabernet I whipped up for […]

home renovation (more)…

It’s the one thing people say to you when you buy a house and you’re compiling your list of to-do’s and projects, “Oh, you’ll never be done, you’re always doing something to your place when you’re a homeowner.” Well, I’m very much a list person, def Type A personality, so I tried my best not […]

46 year old bathroom tile

So, I scrubbed, and I scrubbed, and short of re-grouting, I still got that shiz pretty clean! Scrubbed tile, painted bathroom walls, and new lighting fixtures and mirrors – I’m a happy woman. THANK YOU Kanita, Ben, and David. More pics to come of the completed projects.


Okay, so my friend Kanita came over the other night to help me FINALLY paint my 2 bathrooms, in order to get ready for company I had this past weekend. Athena came along to keep us company for a bit, and to organize her purse. THIS was the contents of her purse! Can you IMAGINE??? […]

The Indian (dot not feather) Feast!

Last Sat we all got together & had Indian potluck! I did the tumeric rice – hey, Indian/curry is not something I really do! Lol But it was all very tasty & not pictured here is the HUGE pan of Naan bread Kanita brought…it was SO yum! :o)