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balcony garden – on hold

There’s work going on at my condo building…and living in a highrise means men on motorized ‘death carts’ going up and down in front of my bedroom and living room windows.  Most of this happens during the day, mind you, while I’m at work.  But they start at 8am sharp, which is when my alarm […]

My first tomato!

Things are kickin’ along in our garden at Ben and David’s, but I brought some small herbs and a few tomato plants home for my balcony mini garden. Last week I saw my first cherry tomato! 

Gettin’ Hee-Haw Up In Hur!

This past weekend I put in a garden with Ben and David at their Oak Cliff home, in their Oak Cliff backyard, which is laden with Oak Cliff bedrock and overgrowth.  Good. Times. We hauled pavers, dug out, cut back wild things, tilled dirt, planted seedlings and seeds, installed tomato cages and fence…we did MANLY […]