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And I shall call him…

…Big Bird! A few weeks back, just as the leaves were beginning to change around Turtle Creek, this big guy out-shined them all! A simple fall beauty.

Turkey chili time!

Dropped by the grocery store 2nite in search of inspiration for something…something fall, comforting, wanting to nest & cook something hearty 2 rejuvenate my soul. :o) Turkey chili won out…easy, quick, definitely hearty. I sauté 1 onion, throw in 5 cloves of minced garlic, & brown 1 pound of ground turkey. Then I added 1 […]

A high rise sunset.

A beautiful fall sunset from last week, as seen from my balcony. I can’t wait for the time 2 change & 2 see the next harvest moon. :o)


Ahhh, fall truly arrived week before last w/ the arrival of pumkins @ Whole Foods & NorthPark Center. Some 4 buying, the others 2 look at. :o) Wow, I guess the pumpkin/squash mix-up is pretty popular this year…nice.

Cute new fall bag.

SO…of course it’s always dangerous to go into DSW, right? Well, I was on a mission 4 new athletic shoes 4 my Zumba class…gawd knows I needed a pair, as my others were 3 years old! Well, the plan was to go into DSW w/ blinders on, & head straight back to the clearance. Yeah, that didn’t happen! […]

Can-can time!

This was my haul 2day…those are all Ball jars across the back if my truck. It’s me vs. the plums…it’s on! :o)