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From a stuffed bird, to stuffed bodies…I figure the last thing people might want the day after Thanksgiving is a blog entry on food – or worse, a recipe!  It will probably take most people a few weeks to get back into the cooking mood…just in time for Christmas!  So, I give you a darling picture […]

Frankie’s Food

When I bring a new bag in, watch out!  It must be the freshness factor or something?  Pretty sad my dog could fit INTO her food bag.  lol

Frankie Waiting

Frankie will bark if someone is making noise in the hallway, or if a child screeches, upon which time I tell her to hush.  Often she will sit at the door and wait.  Waiting for what, I’m not sure.  I don’t know if she’s pouting because she got in trouble for barking, or she’s thinking, […]

And Frankie picks another one off.

About once a month Frankie chooses another toy to anialate, and this time it was her polar bear from last Christmas.  She saunters up to her toy pile and picks her next victim.  She will gingerly pull him from the masses, and retreat to a corner where I can’t witness the tortuous act, and begin to […]

Frankie vs. Squirrel

The gig is up! Petrified, hands in the air to signify defeat, the squirrel decided his plan of action: go back up the tree, or dart across the grass to the base of the other tree where I hid my pecans???

Too freakin’ cute!

When my little baby gets really tired, she nestles down on her side and kicks her feet back behind her.  I had to snap this while sitting on the couch the other night.  Such cute, teeny-tiny lil’ feet…so cute I wanna’ eat ’em up!  (Not really, that’d be gross, but you know what I mean.)

Dad’s Bday

While my Dad was here helping me on the renovations, we celebrated his birthday.  I had Sandy make me a cookie bouquet (Cookies By Design in Plano) to fit in this HUGE coffee mug that read, “I’m the DAD, that’s why!”  A phrase I heard often while growing up.  Therefore, it was fitting. She surprised me […]

First day of spring = snow?

Frankie was thinkin’, “What tha’!” Yeah, me too!

Frankie being Frankie

When I picked Frankie up from boarding, on Valentine’s Day, they had given her a cute lil’ bandana of V-day fabric w/ hearts and glitter. Of course, I couldn’t get her to be still for the photo b/c her bag of food she’d had while boarding was on the counter.  So, excuse the demonic nature […]

Warming trend

Up until late last week, my dog-ter Frankie had been living in a sweater due to the unseasonably cold weather we’ve had since Nov.  Well, now we’re having unseasonably warm weather (Ahh, Texas…), so she’s been downgraded in the evenings to this cute lil’ shirt her uncies Ben and David got her late last summer.  […]