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Red velvet cake for karaoke!

We went to karaoke last night, & I was asked if I’d make a cake for Dorothy’s birthday. Being as how it was my birthday week as well, I was in the spirit. Of course I doctored the mix, even adding more red food coloring. I like my red velvet cakes to be luxuriously red! […]

I was tardy for the party…

…b/c I was finishing up the cup cakes! I was on cupcake duty again…and I love it! We had a group get-together tonight b/c there are so many of us w/ Feb b-days. I was asked by Kanita for something strawberry. So I did strawberry banana w/ strawberry jam on the inside & cream cheese […]

Cupcake decorating

So, yes, I’ve made several cupcakes in the past…several. But this is my first attempt at piping using decorative tips and a piping bag! These are chocolate fudge cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese frosting – which I adapted from Mrs. Pioneer Woman herself, Ree Drummond (love her). What I did diff was add my FAVE […]