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Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve…

…I hope you’re cuddled up with family or friends, or BOTH…maybe with some hot cocoa, a hot-tottie, popcorn, or Chex-Mix? And I hope this is on your TV:  Maybe you’re enjoying some egg nog?

Strawberry Jam

Jam, jam, jamma’ – jam, band…err, jam! Tried strawberry jam last weekend…I think I’ll enter some goodies in the State Fair of Texas Creative Arts food category.  What could it hurt?  Somebody put the bug in my ear, and I’m gonna’ do it! You can too!  Just get your jam band out, and jam…man!

Christmas cards

As someone who is an avid collector of stationery, & also a fan of the lost art of the ‘thank you’ card, you can bet I love to send (80 cards this year), and receive Christmas cards! Look @ how many cards I got this season from you lovely people…I just love it! Thank you, […]

Here here Target!

Standing in line 2 make my purchase last night & I look up 2 find this lil’ wonder above every other register…right on Target 4 bringing back the MC! ;o) It’s not so much a religious factor 4 me as it is tradition & us getting back 2 saying it & not worrying ’bout being […]

Sickie-poo’s Day 4 contd.

Got baking done, bagged up the cookies in treat bags, as well as fudge bites, & started 2 put together goodie baskets & bags for friends & family. I had canned both plum jam & salsa earlier in the year to use for Christmas. I adorned most of the gifts w/ these cute star shaped cookie cutters, which […]

Sickie-poo’s Day 4

So the sinus pressure has finally gone down & my eyes aren’t running & I’m not sneezing nearly as much – which is good, cuz I ran outta’ my Puffs Plus w/ lotion & Vick’s IN the tissue the night before. Those tissues are life-changing when U can’t breathe, try ’em. But, I was losing […]

Ree Drummond book signing 2mrw!

I’ve been SO excited about Dec. 1st for about 3 months now! Food, farm, & photography blogger Ree Drummond, AKA, The Pioneer Woman, will be in Dallas signing her 1st cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks! You may recognize her name from this blog, as I’ve mentioned her several times & linked her recipes. I also […]

Cute canvas.

I was in Garden Ridge a few weeks ago with sandy, & this cute screen printed canvas caught my eye…I really liked it, but stuck 2 my budget for my Christmas tree only. But I keep thinking about it…hmm, maybe I can dig up a coupon for GR? Do I need 2 pick up a […]

Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

Okay, so this one’s a winner, I’ve made it several times, got it from Sur La Table. Would be GREAT for a Thanksgiving/Christmas side-item at your holiday meal: 1-2 T of extra virgin olive oil 1 spaghetti squash 1 lb. of ground beef, ground turkey, or even Italian sausage 1 onion 1 green pepper 2-3 […]