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Christmas Canning

Not to be confused with Christmas Canon – which happens to be one of my fave songs of the season.  Seriously, check it out and download, ‘cuz it’s about that time folks. October is here, it’s started, it’s goin’, and if you aren’t planning for Christmas already, then you’re just foolin’ yourself.  Yes, I know […]

My little red ribbon.

I left for England/Paris the week the TX State Fair opened, so I didn’t get to visit my winning entry until the 3rd weekend of the fair.  I had several people tell me after I got back that they had seen my tomato preserves on the shelf in the Creative Arts building – which was […]

I Took 2nd Place at the Texas State Fair!

For my tomato preserves!  Who would have thunk it after I saw all the beautiful submissions when I turned my selections in for consideration.  And sadly, because it was the ONE thing I entered that I did very last minute and in a rush, I don’t even have a picture to post for you!  lol  That is […]

Canned Pickles and Roma Tomatoes with Basil and Garlic

For the first time in 3 years I took some time out to can a few things I wanted to keep back as pantry staples.  You see, everything I can thru the summer season I give away as gifts come Christmas.  It always happens to work out that I give away every single jar, and […]

I Entered Canned Goods in the Texas State Fair!

Since I’ve been canning for 3 years it never occurred to me I could enter jars into any contests…I don’t know why, it just never dawned on me.  Then a co-worker at my Sunday job, Sur La Table, told me how she enters her canned goods every year.  Hmmm…into the head it went, and then I was […]

Strawberry Jam

Jam, jam, jamma’ – jam, band…err, jam! Tried strawberry jam last weekend…I think I’ll enter some goodies in the State Fair of Texas Creative Arts food category.  What could it hurt?  Somebody put the bug in my ear, and I’m gonna’ do it! You can too!  Just get your jam band out, and jam…man!

This summer’s salsa canning

I’ve completed 2 rounds of salsa canning thus far, back-to-back over 2 weekends.  I have enough for Christmas gifts this year, but I’m contemplating another round so I can have some for myself until next summer.  It always seems I can just enough to give it all away, usually not even getting to taste what […]

Akin Farm – May 2010

This past Memorial Day weekend we made our second trip out to the farm – but this time to do some pickin’ for the seasonal veggies!  We went a few months back to get seedlings from Wendy Akin for our garden, which is starting to yield some tiny squash, green beans, and tomatoes.  Hopefully things […]

the plums are back

Guess what kids?  My lil’ Mexican plum trees, (a TX native tree by the way, prunus Mexicana to you horticulturists), across the street have the tiniest lil’ plums on them!  I’m so excited! You know what that means…they fruit in late summer/early fall, so come Aug/Sep/Oct, I’ll be canning a LOT of plum jam! 

Sickie-poo’s Day 4 contd.

Got baking done, bagged up the cookies in treat bags, as well as fudge bites, & started 2 put together goodie baskets & bags for friends & family. I had canned both plum jam & salsa earlier in the year to use for Christmas. I adorned most of the gifts w/ these cute star shaped cookie cutters, which […]