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Texas State Fair

And on this, my 301’st post, I will celebrate the TX State Fair – and my 2 blue ribbons I won this year.  Yippee. Could I be anymore of a dork?  Probably not. I headed to the fair this past weekend with Ben & David, which happened to be the first Sat. of the fair, […]

Hello World!

Haha, remember that, “Hello World”?  For anyone that took computer programming in high school (talkin’ 80s here), it was the first thing you learned to program that would pop up on the screen.  Or, if you’re, say, a 34 year old that graduated with a computer science degree and spent nerdy time being a software […]

PHX – Postino Wine Cafe

Of course I always visit my FAVE PHX stomping ground, Postino’s, in the Arcadia area.  I cannot leave PHX without getting my mouth around their famous bruschetta…I literally crave it from the moment I book a flight and plan my trip.  Never mind their $5/glass happy hour wine list, which is great in and of […]

PHX – Hula’s Modern Tiki Lounge

Me and the boys met up with Ben and David to do a little mid-century modern shopping at a few places in PHX – I just can’t escape it, I just have to pop into shops everywhere I go, you never know what they’ll have!  lol  I’ll have a separate post on that later. We’d […]

PHX – Beckett’s Table

The boys had been singing the praises of Beckett’s Table for months, so it was certainly first on the list when I arrived.  And it did not disappoint!  Our waitress, Tracy, was amazing – and from the UK – loved her.  Justin Beckett even came out to our table to check on us…I’m still kicking […]

I’m in PHX!

So you know I’m excited, because I’m hanging with my boys Mark and David right now, and as an added bonus, Ben and David are here as well.  They’re combining a family trip during my time out here, so we’ll be hanging out and having some fun. M&D have got some new restaurants to take […]

Dinner at Beth’s

This past weekend I enjoyed a wonderful meal, and copious amounts of good Texas wine (seen here), at our friend Beth’s.  Each year Ben and I do the Susan G. Komen race for Beth, who is a survivor twice over, and this year she auctioned off dinner at her house as part of her fundraising. […]

Starting the garden, 2nd time around

Maybe you remember last year when me, Ben, and David set out to be “gardeners”?  All that hard work we put into setting up the 2-tier garden, tilling, loving, sweating, cussing…yeah, well, we gotta’ MOVE it.  haha  Aaaahhhh! Ben and I have been attending gardening classes, where we learned everywhere we went wrong, and that […]

PHX on the horizon

In a month I’ll be in PHX, hangin’ with my boys Mark & David and Ben & David, and filling our days with debauchery.  Until then, I was looking back on some pictures of when M&D were last here, and we had Gnocchi Gnight with Ben & David.

My little red ribbon.

I left for England/Paris the week the TX State Fair opened, so I didn’t get to visit my winning entry until the 3rd weekend of the fair.  I had several people tell me after I got back that they had seen my tomato preserves on the shelf in the Creative Arts building – which was […]