I love food like a fat kid loves cake…oh wait, I was a fat kid, and still am!  So, who better to trust about food I say!?

I love food…cooking it, eating it, serving it.  I love that food can make people happy, make memories, make you get in the car at 5 minutes to midnight just because you can’t possibly go into another day without having a huge spoonful of fro-yo meeting your lips.  Who or what has that kinda’ power over us?  Well, God, I guess…but other than him?

Ever baked up a batch of cupcakes for a friend, wrapped ’em up nicely in a tidy ‘lil box, and hand delivered them?  Has anyone ever swatted that box of cupcakes away, and slammed the door?  HELL NO!  They ate those damn cupcakes and loved every bite, and you, for how they made them feel.  Now, as for the time spent on the treadmill in the aftermath…yeah, I got nuthin’ to do w/ that.

I’m originally an Oklahoma girl, but moved to Dallas, TX, 8 years ago.  I have a Miniature Pinscher name Frankie, she keeps me quite busy, and loves when I drop things in the kitchen.  Who needs a Dustbuster when you’ve got a 5lb Min-Pin to do your dirty work?

Two years ago I became a homeowner when I bought a high rise condo in an area known here as Turtle Creek.  I’ve had fun redoing it – here’s where I should mention I have a GREAT group of friends – they had fun helping me!  (At least I think?)  I had always longed to live in a big city all thru my 25 years of living in a small rural town with my folks.  I grew up with a grandma that let me stand next to her at the stove, where I gained a knowledge of food, and how to cook it, that has become indispensible.  So I like to think I’m still a country girl at heart.

Put it this way: I live in a high rise with a downtown view, yet I can my own jams and salsa, and am a regular at the Dallas Farmers Market and local farms on the weekends – now you draw your own conclusions!

Thanks for visiting my blog.  Y’all come back now, ya’ hear!?

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