Dallas Restaurant Week – Wolfgang Puck’s Five Sixty

Posted by on August 28, 2010 at 7:00 am.

We played it low-key this year, only choosing 2 restaurants to visit during Dallas Restaurant Week, York Street, and then Five Sixty.  I had visited this establishement before, which sits atop Reunion Tower inside the ‘ball’, for a happy hour event.  So I hadn’t really tried any main dishes, just apps.

We started off the night with cocktails, I had a dreamsicle martini which was comprised of Stoli orange, Navan liquor, fresh orange juice, vanilla simple syrup, and orange blossom water!  It was indeed as amazing as it sounds.  They started us off w/ an amuse bouche of seasame oil wok seared green beans with bits of candied pecan.  Tasty, but not a far cry from what you can get at any Panda take-out – just throw in your own pecans and you’d be good to go.  For my app I had the crispy Maine lobster and shrimp spring roll with ten-spiced honey dipping sauce.  I really liked the way they presented it:

And they didn’t skimp on the interior, it was a hearty roll, very tasty.  For the rest of the evening, I have to aplogize that I don’t have pics because it was so dark in there!  You see, the dining area is the furthest most circle of the ‘ball’, and it rotates around giving you 360 degree views of the city.  Well, of course we went at night, and the restaurant lighting was really dim.  Every now and then your table would pass under a brighter light, which was the only opportunity I got to even snap the spring roll!  lol

Even though we didn’t have the coupon for the Central market 4th course, we paid the additional $6 for the sweet and sour soup with corn, coconut milk, and a steamed shrimp wonton.  And man, am I glad we did, because it wound up being our favorite thing!  This soup was perfectly spicy, and the corn made you think more of a chowder, yet it was still a coconut milk and broth based soup.  It was SO GOOD.  I’d go back just for that.

Unfortunately the rest of the meal wasn’t anything that blew my socks off.  Ben and I had the flank steak with grilled veggies, and Shawn and David the lo mein noodles – which also looked and tasted like something I could get from Panda.  Shawn and I had the chocolate torte, and the boys the cheesecake.

So, I’m telling you, the soup saved this night.  Don’t worry, I’m trying to get the recipe and will share here if I do, as I’ll be making it all winter if I can perfect it!

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