A Review – RA Sushi at Shops At Legacy

Posted by on August 14, 2010 at 7:00 am.

I was way up north a few weekends ago and decided since I’m never up that way I’d stop off at an independent book store I’d been wanting to visit, Legacy Books, which was designed by a local architect I know, Lionel Morrison, FAIA.  After I spent 3-4 hours lazily reading in their uber comfortable leather chairs, I meandered down to RA Sushi to give them a try.  I hadn’t heard of them, I was just in the mood for sushi, and wouldn’t you know it, happy hour was going on!  And they had quite the HH menu!

So many choices!

I ordered a California roll, the Viva Las Vegas Roll, and their Tootsy Maki roll.  The Vegas roll was like a California with cream cheese, lightly tempura battered, with mounds of crab mix on top, and tempura decoration.  The Tootsy was like fried rice balls with a piece of salmon on top, and sweet eel sauce – so interesting and the textures were great! 

Tootsy Maki

And I have to say, they were some pretty fancy sushi rolls for a happy hour menu!  Overall the sushi was pretty tasty, and I could see where this would be a pretty happening place once the sun went down; lots of booths and tables that looked out onto a patio with bays of overhead rolling doors that opened up to the outside.  I’d go back once the weather cools off and enjoy the outside coming in. 

Fancy tempura shapes for deco - I was impressed!

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