Simple Comforts: 50 Heartwarming Recipes

Posted by on October 21, 2011 at 9:00 am.

Just wanted to share a great little cookbook with y’all, Simple Comforts: 50 Heartwarming Recipes, which is published by Sur La Table.  Now, now, I really have no bias since I work part-time at SLT, I truly LOVE most all cookbooks.  But I gotta’ tell ya’, this lil’ cookbook packs a powerful punch!  I’d been staring at in on our shelves for about a year, but I really had a hankerin’ for tomato soup as Fall was drawing near, so I picked it up one day and gave it a once over.

Okay, seriously, chicken pot pie, macaroni and cheese, oatmeal cookies, fried chicken, pork roast, burgers, leg of lamb, beef stew, chili, chicken noodle soup, buttermilk biscuits, banana bread, coffee cake, cinnamon rolls, sweet potatoes, apple pie, beef stroganoff…the list just goes on, and on with the great everyday, comforting recipes in this book.  I had to have it.  And get this…of all the cookbooks I own, and buy on a regular basis, I’ve already made THREE recipes out of this teeny book.  Really?  Really.

And guess what?  They’ve all been amazing thus far!  PB cookies, roasted potato wedges, and most recently, oven-braised short ribs with fennel.  Shut up – to die for!  Seriously, make it, it’s a food of love…I’ve linked the recipe and everything for criminy’s sake.  Get on it!

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