Dear 80s,

Posted by on June 7, 2011 at 8:00 am.


Are you there 1980s, it’s me, Kerrie.  And I’ve missed you terribly. What, with your simpler times, yet your not so simple fashion trends (hello, Gucci jean cuff rolls or Mix-Its anyone)?

Your forgiveness of Aqua Net abuse, and your St. Elmos Fire instrumental theme…ahh, good ole’ 7 Minutes in Heaven at your friend’s party!

Today I miss you so terribly because I saw this phone in a thrift store.  This black laquer, touch-tone phone from Radio Shack, originally available in either pink or blue neon.

I coveted this phone for an entire year, begged for it for Christmas, and it beckoned me those many months with its frosty glow from beyond the storefront window.

Then, on that wintry Oklahoma morning, it happened.  My parents left a small-ish box tucked away behind the tree, passing it off as a relative’s gift.  Everything had been opened, and while I appreciated my haul, there was the slight tinge of something longed for that wasn’t in my pile.

While I must have enjoyed all of my gifts that year, I couldn’t even tell you what else I got, because once my Dad said, “Oh, wait! What have we got here?”, and reached for that box, something inside of me believed.  I just knew it had to be my phone, in the blue neon color I had requested.

It was socks.

No, nooo, it was my phone! Of course it was my phone! And, AND, the kicker? I got MY OWN phone line to go with it!  That was a big deal back then, as it was relatively new technology: 2 different phone lines in one house? Madness!  I thought I was the S.H.!.T. 

And ya’ know, I was, for that moment in time…that’s what was so great about the 80s.  Sadly, now, I can’t even remember what happened to that phone, maybe a garage sale sacrifice at some point? Gasp! The shock, the horror, I know!  Believe you me, if I had a LAN line in my house today, this baby would have come home with me, no doubt!

I will always love you dear 80s.

Stay cool, have a great summer, and LYLAS,
Kerrie + 80s = BFF


  • David says:

    Oh yes, I do love the 80’s! Bad hair, neon clothes, Soviet world domination, I can’t get enough!!! And, I’ll see your black laquer, touch-tone phone from Radio Shack, and raise you my top of the line, Trimline from Pacific Bell with two-way calling-now that was cutting edge technology!!!

  • kval says:

    Ahhhh… I so envied your private line and neon phone… Life was so unfair back then, as I was forced to struggle through adolecence with my cream colored, corded, SWB land line…

  • Shawn says:

    Thanks for taking me back. I have been reminiscing about the 80’s quite a bit. I wanted the pink princess phone from Pretty In Pink….ha ha never got it. I was back in the 80’s last night celebrating 30 years of Motley Crue at the Gexa. Tommy Lee and the boys put on an entertaining show (insert sigh here…ummmhhhh….poor Mavs. I think it is time to have an 80’s roller skating party. :)

  • Andy says:

    No way! My older sister had one just like this!!

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