Good Texas Wine

Posted by on January 31, 2011 at 7:00 am.

Well, I’m stocked up!


Last week I attended my first Dallas Farmers Market Friends board meeting, where the new board slate was approved, and I was up for PR Chair, and got it.  So, weeeee!  I’m excited about that.  :)  But they were having a silent auction on 6-packs of Texas wine.  Well, I bid on 2, of course, to up my odds of winning.  Well, guess who won both?  lol  I looked like a complete wino leaving that night, hauling out my case of wine.  “Hey guys, check me out, the new board member, a total boozer!”  Haha  Oh well, I got some great wines, and I’ve stocked my wine fridge once again.  I’d rather give it to the Dallas Farmers Market any day than Siegel’s liquor!

*Ah-hem-hem*…lemme’ give my first plug here: If you live in Dallas, and consider yourself a ‘locavore’, you should really join the DFMFriends and get involved in your local farming community!


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