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I’m in PHX!

So you know I’m excited, because I’m hanging with my boys Mark and David right now, and as an added bonus, Ben and David are here as well.  They’re combining a family trip during my time out here, so we’ll be hanging out and having some fun.

M&D have got some new restaurants to take me to, so you know I’ll be blogging about them soon.  And of course, we’ll be hitting up my all-time PHX fave on Saturday, Postino’s!  And I’m sure I’ll be making my annual trip to Trader Joe’s to stock-up and bring back – litterally, I bring an extra bag to check – so if you want something, text me!

I’ll have more to come, but in the meantime, I’m missing my baby:

Frankie, Queen of her Domain!

Merry Christmas!


From a stuffed bird, to stuffed bodies…I figure the last thing people might want the day after Thanksgiving is a blog entry on food – or worse, a recipe!  It will probably take most people a few weeks to get back into the cooking mood…just in time for Christmas!  :)

So, I give you a darling picture of my dogter…sitting in the sun on her pillow, her favorite place to be.  This dog soaks up sun like a sponge does water, so much so she would rather sit in the sunlight and pant, than to leave it and cool off.  I swear, sometimes she’s literally hot to the touch when I pick her up!

Happy Black Friday shopping everyone!

Frankie’s Food

When I bring a new bag in, watch out!  It must be the freshness factor or something?  Pretty sad my dog could fit INTO her food bag.  lol

So cute!

Frankie Waiting

Frankie will bark if someone is making noise in the hallway, or if a child screeches, upon which time I tell her to hush.  Often she will sit at the door and wait.  Waiting for what, I’m not sure.  I don’t know if she’s pouting because she got in trouble for barking, or she’s thinking, “You just wait lady, I’ll show you, they’re going to come to the door and I’m really gonna’ let ’em have it!”  But she’ll sit there, ears twitching, sometimes letting a soft growl roll, then she’ll give up and come sit with me on the couch. 

Silly Frankie.

And Frankie picks another one off.

About once a month Frankie chooses another toy to anialate, and this time it was her polar bear from last Christmas.  She saunters up to her toy pile and picks her next victim.  She will gingerly pull him from the masses, and retreat to a corner where I can’t witness the tortuous act, and begin to chew.  She concentrates on one small area, sometimes a nose, an armpit, a foot or hand, anywhere that the fabric seaming meets, making it easier for her to begin a hole so that she can get to the puffy clouds of stuffing within.

For this particular ‘baby’ she started with his crotch.  Hey, I dunno’, it’s her thing.  Once she has a big enough hole going, she will stand on her baby and pull the stuffing out in clumps.  As if that weren’t agonizing enough, she’ll take the toy in her mouth and sling it around for a bit, looking like the exorcist dog, then resume plucking out his guts methodically.

After about 30 minutes of torture, my bedroom floor looks like this:

Notice her head is a blur? This is the exorcist phase.

And the toy looks like this...see, sans crotch. Ouch.

Frankie vs. Squirrel

The gig is up!

Petrified, hands in the air to signify defeat, the squirrel decided his plan of action: go back up the tree, or dart across the grass to the base of the other tree where I hid my pecans???

Squirrel: Damn that dog! Frankie: I wonder if Mom will let the leash out just a tad?

Too freakin’ cute!

When my little baby gets really tired, she nestles down on her side and kicks her feet back behind her.  I had to snap this while sitting on the couch the other night.  Such cute, teeny-tiny lil’ feet…so cute I wanna’ eat ’em up!  (Not really, that’d be gross, but you know what I mean.)

OMG, I can't take it! Looks kinda' funny from this angle, but I assure you she's comfortable, she put 'em there! lol

Dad’s Bday

While my Dad was here helping me on the renovations, we celebrated his birthday.  I had Sandy make me a cookie bouquet (Cookies By Design in Plano) to fit in this HUGE coffee mug that read, “I’m the DAD, that’s why!”  A phrase I heard often while growing up.  Therefore, it was fitting.

So cute! Cookies By Design in Plano is the best.

She surprised me with cookies shaped like tools and did an awesome job making a Frankie out of frosting on a cookie using one of the photos on my Facebook!  It was so awesome!  My dad LOVES Frankie, his little grand-dogter.

Frankie, cookie style.

Just check out the likeness!

So crazy how good she is...bottom teeth around the bone and everything!

First day of spring = snow?

Frankie in her lil' pink coat w/ fur collar - hey, she's teenie!

Frankie was thinkin’, “What tha’!”

Yeah, me too!