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Happy Anniversary (to me)

Apparently today is my three-year blog anniversary. I know this because it popped up in my trusty Google calendar.

What I also know is that I suck at being a blogger lately!  I’ve been busy…with life…things like:


Buying new OPI colors: Fly (Nicki Minage collection) and Thanks A Windmillion


Trying to squeeze my big feet into awesome 80s inspired shoes.


Coveting new Le Creuset colors Indigo & Marsailles.


Baking almost everything in the March Bon Appetit issue.


Trying Sonic's new sweet potato tots - yum!


Playing Scrabble...not really.


Making mac n' cheese awesomeness.


Celebrating turning 35 at POSH in Scottsdale, AZ.


Rocking Thanksgiving w/ my first homeade rolls!


Celebrating my fantastic city at the Calatrava Bridge opening.

See, I’ve been up to stuff…just haven’t been good at telling you all. Me sorries.

Simple Comforts: 50 Heartwarming Recipes

Just wanted to share a great little cookbook with y’all, Simple Comforts: 50 Heartwarming Recipes, which is published by Sur La Table.  Now, now, I really have no bias since I work part-time at SLT, I truly LOVE most all cookbooks.  But I gotta’ tell ya’, this lil’ cookbook packs a powerful punch!  I’d been staring at in on our shelves for about a year, but I really had a hankerin’ for tomato soup as Fall was drawing near, so I picked it up one day and gave it a once over.

Okay, seriously, chicken pot pie, macaroni and cheese, oatmeal cookies, fried chicken, pork roast, burgers, leg of lamb, beef stew, chili, chicken noodle soup, buttermilk biscuits, banana bread, coffee cake, cinnamon rolls, sweet potatoes, apple pie, beef stroganoff…the list just goes on, and on with the great everyday, comforting recipes in this book.  I had to have it.  And get this…of all the cookbooks I own, and buy on a regular basis, I’ve already made THREE recipes out of this teeny book.  Really?  Really.

And guess what?  They’ve all been amazing thus far!  PB cookies, roasted potato wedges, and most recently, oven-braised short ribs with fennel.  Shut up – to die for!  Seriously, make it, it’s a food of love…I’ve linked the recipe and everything for criminy’s sake.  Get on it!



With lettuce & veggies fresh from my CSA this morning, & a bag of Tom Spicers (F.M. 1410 next to Jimmy’s)  micro arugula, this salad is ON tonight!  Bought an Italian loaf at Jimmy’s, & I’m whipping up a red wine/ garlic vinaigrette to go with – yum!

Santa Cruz organic lemonade



OMG, Whole Foods have these on sale this week, 5/$5!  Cherry, peach, & regular. My guess is that cherry number is gonna’ taste so good w/ some vodka stirred into it while grillin’ by the pool tomorrow!  They also had whole, sweet corn, 8/$2!  Grill it, add a lil’ butter, mayo, parm, chipotle, & lime zest, & we’re in business!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Do you ‘heart’ beets?

I’m growing to love them…especially roasted.

Heart-beet. :)

Got any great recipes for beets?  If so, share w/ me!

Roasted Ricotta Roma’s

Ree Drummond, you know, the Pioneer Woman?  Of course you do…hell, if you’ve been following this blog at all, you should!  She’s got a lot of buddies and guest bloggers on her site, and one of them happens to be tattooed hottie, Pastor Ryan, and I made his ricotta roasted tomatoes!  And I was ballsy enough to take them to a cook-out with 4 local chefs and foodies galore! And guess what?  Everyone liked them!


First fill them w/ the ricotta mixture, then press them into the bread crumbs.

This recipe is easy to make, and is ideal to keep handy this time of year, as we’re on the verge of tomato season.  And if you made your own bread crumbs from my previous post, this recipe calls for the splurge!


Then bake them off until golden and bubbly...mmm!

Pasta al Pomodoro w/ roasted squash & peppers

When I received the special May Italy issue of Bon Appetit, I knew immediately I had to make that silky pasta sauce which coated the bowl of spaghetti on the front cover.  It’s a basic pasta al pomodoro, and they’re certainly on point when they say it’ll be the smoothest sauce you’ve ever made!

I doubled the recipe for a group of 8, and added some browned ground veal, and roasted squash and peppers to the mix.  Topped with a bit of fresh parsley and grated parmesan, and it was a hit!

Slim pickins’ pizza

While most girls commonly utter, “OMG, I don’t have a single thing to wear!”  I’m not most girls.  I’m usually saying things like, “OMG, I haven’t gone to the grocery store, I don’t have a single thing to cook for dinner!”  I don’t dream in black high heels or thigh-high boots, I dream in All-Clad, vintage cake pedestals, canning supplies, and the latest gourmet olive oil to hit the shelves.

So the other night when I found myself saying the above to myself, I rummaged thru my sad, sparse fridge and came up with this:

I think it looks pretty darn swanky for having put it together with a pita bread brushed with EVOO, 2 mozz string cheese sticks (yes, the kind people give their kids), turkey pepperoni, and little bit of leftover asparagus salad from Whole Foods which consisted of 4 cherry tomatoes I halved lengthwise, 2 small hunks of fresh mozz, and some asparagus pieces.  I loaded it all up, sprinkled it with some parm shreds I had shoved at the back of the fridge, and put it under the broiler of my Breville Smart Oven (love that thing), until it was toasty and crispy – and it was fantastic!  Before slicing it I used a finishing olive oil infused with lemon, but even without that, it’s all good.

So the next time you find yourself cursing a missed groceries trip, challenge yourself, and lemme’ know what you came up with!

My new All-Clad LTD2 10″ skillet

I’ve got a new toy, another one of the perks of my fave part-time job at Sur La Table…I love that job!  :)  Our crew got 10″ LTD2 skillets because of a store sales incentive.  Isn’t it pretty?  I’ve already mucked it up frying spicy turkey sausage, and it heats like a dream.  It’s 5-ply construction, alternating layers of stainless steel and aluminum, has a nice heft to it.  The exterior is anodized aluminum, and unlike most similar pans, it can actually go in the dishwasher and maintain it’s satin black finish – it won’t fade!  I’m already in love.


...and sexy.

What to do with extra fruit?

Why, prep it, bag it, and freeze it for sangria this summer!

Since I’ve joined a CSA, I find that there are some things each week that I can’t get around to eating.  I didn’t want to waste this wonderful organic fruit, so I prepped it all, tossed it in some lemon juice to prevent browning, and bagged for sangria when the weather warms – perfection!

Not only will I have some great fruit for my multiple Sangria Saturdays, but it will already be frozen, so it will help cool off the concoction!

Kiwi, orange slices, grapefruit wedges, apples, and pears.