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Thrift store finds.

I always seem to find things when I’m not really looking.  Like accidental trips to Goodwill and The Salvation Army stores in my sweaty yoga gear!  lol

I came back with these treasures most recently.

I had been looking for vanity trays to use for my perfumes, etc., and I think these work out nicely.  I hadn’t seen the glass/metal ring variety in so long…I’m surprised it’s still around, as the bottom glass is so thin!  And the beveled star cut into the bottom is just beautiful.  The other piece is a tray, pink glass, with a texture like small hobnail on the bottom, and dainty, scalloped handle edges.  I love them both, and they cost me a whopping $6/each!  lol

My little slice of Paris.

I finally hung the small canvas I bought off a street artist while in Paris last fall, and had framed as soon as I returned.  It’s a painting of a small cafe in the same area in which I stayed, St. Germain.  So I get to see it each day, and remember that trip and the times I had in those 2 weeks.  :)

New funky art.

There’s an artist who lives in my building that’s just finished working on a piece I commissioned with him.  It’s funky, trippy, slightly 80s, and it’s growing on me.  It’s only my 2nd piece of real canvas artwork by a local artist, I’m trying to build a collection without breaking the bank!  He used to be a graffiti artist in Cali – can you tell?  He’s working on some pieces now for other clients that involve some really great pointillism techniques using drops of paint, and he’s also stitching a larger canvas full of cherry blossoms, the detail is amazing!  He used a wash technique on mine for the background of blue and green paint.

This piece is actually 2 three-foot squares that I’ll hang together vertically, with about 10″ between them.  The majority of the design is matte finish, but the red heart is vibrant and shiny, using the same painting technique as Roy Lichtenstein.  The opposite piece actually has the same shaped heart stitched into the canvas and hand dyed, which will pop from the canvas when I light it from above.

My new All-Clad LTD2 10″ skillet

I’ve got a new toy, another one of the perks of my fave part-time job at Sur La Table…I love that job!  :)  Our crew got 10″ LTD2 skillets because of a store sales incentive.  Isn’t it pretty?  I’ve already mucked it up frying spicy turkey sausage, and it heats like a dream.  It’s 5-ply construction, alternating layers of stainless steel and aluminum, has a nice heft to it.  The exterior is anodized aluminum, and unlike most similar pans, it can actually go in the dishwasher and maintain it’s satin black finish – it won’t fade!  I’m already in love.


...and sexy.

Good Texas Wine

Well, I’m stocked up!


Last week I attended my first Dallas Farmers Market Friends board meeting, where the new board slate was approved, and I was up for PR Chair, and got it.  So, weeeee!  I’m excited about that.  :)  But they were having a silent auction on 6-packs of Texas wine.  Well, I bid on 2, of course, to up my odds of winning.  Well, guess who won both?  lol  I looked like a complete wino leaving that night, hauling out my case of wine.  “Hey guys, check me out, the new board member, a total boozer!”  Haha  Oh well, I got some great wines, and I’ve stocked my wine fridge once again.  I’d rather give it to the Dallas Farmers Market any day than Siegel’s liquor!

*Ah-hem-hem*…lemme’ give my first plug here: If you live in Dallas, and consider yourself a ‘locavore’, you should really join the DFMFriends and get involved in your local farming community!

I got new baking pans!

And for free!  Imagine my surprise to find out I had a FedEx delivery last Friday, and inside was an 8x8x2 square, and a 10×15 1/2 sheet jelly roll pan from Sur La Table.  I’ve mentioned before that I work at SLT part time, and we often get incentives for selling certain products.  Apparently our store won a corp wide contest on the sales of our new professional series of bake ware, so we all got some to try out for free!  I just love that job.  It’s like the release from my everyday 9-5, to be surrounded by all things cooking and creative.

I’ve also got a Le Creuset dutch oven coming to me soon for selling $5,000 worth of product over December.  I’ll share when that comes in.  I often tell folks I work at SLT to support my culinary addiction…it’s so true!  lol

So pretty...and heavy duty! This stuff is better than Chicago Metallic in my opinion.

Mid-century side table

One of my fave thrift/rummage/vintage stores in Dallas is Dolly Python.  On a recent trip I scored this 3-tier mid-century side table…LURVE.

Minimal nicks and scratches!

And the best part?  It was half off – $24 bucks!  You know I love a deal!  In fact, every item in this vendors particular booth was half off, so I also scored some other amazing finds:

Collapsible bamboo fruit bowl...this may be 70s, but it's fantastic either way!

An original DANSK bowl...

...see? It cost me almost as much as the side table! lol It's all in the details.

And a cute little vintage candy dish in the shape of a heart. I have a similar candy dish of 3 circles fused together, and it's all white milk glass w/ the lil' knobbies.

Fave Thanksgiving Side Dish – and a Le Creuset Giveaway!

Okay, I want to know what your favorite Thanksgiving side dish was – AND how you made it.

Be the first to share a complete recipe in the comments section – typed out (copy and paste, it is the 21st century, I know, I know) – and win this Le Creuset® Revolution Cassis Silicone Spatula Spoon!

Who loves ya’?

The Fabulous Beekman Boys Holiday Special – Dec. 8th

The time is drawing near…time to put up the tree, hang the stockings, and gather your friends for the Beekman Boys Holiday Special!

OMG, I’m so excited, can’t wait!  I’ve been missing Polka Spot, and Farmer John, and the baby goats, and well, the boys too! 

I’ve got a post coming soon about MY Beekman cheese brought to me by Mark and David all the way from Sharon Springs…delish!  But in the meantime, check out some of the recipes the boys offer up on their website, maybe you’ll add a new dish to your holiday repertoire!

If you’re a true ‘Beek Geek’ like my friends and me, you should set up a viewing party and register it on the Beekman Boys Meet-Up!

Paris: new flatware

Last week I gave away kitchen towels from Habitat, and this is the flatware I hauled home for myself from that very store.  The style is called Harley, and I fell in love with it!  So much so I’m buying/shipping another set to myself!  Settings for 6, what was I thinking…8 at a minimum, but now I’ll have 12 – yay!

Sleek, modern, brushed stainless steel. Me likes!