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Dear 80s,


Are you there 1980s, it’s me, Kerrie.  And I’ve missed you terribly. What, with your simpler times, yet your not so simple fashion trends (hello, Gucci jean cuff rolls or Mix-Its anyone)?

Your forgiveness of Aqua Net abuse, and your St. Elmos Fire instrumental theme…ahh, good ole’ 7 Minutes in Heaven at your friend’s party!

Today I miss you so terribly because I saw this phone in a thrift store.  This black laquer, touch-tone phone from Radio Shack, originally available in either pink or blue neon.

I coveted this phone for an entire year, begged for it for Christmas, and it beckoned me those many months with its frosty glow from beyond the storefront window.

Then, on that wintry Oklahoma morning, it happened.  My parents left a small-ish box tucked away behind the tree, passing it off as a relative’s gift.  Everything had been opened, and while I appreciated my haul, there was the slight tinge of something longed for that wasn’t in my pile.

While I must have enjoyed all of my gifts that year, I couldn’t even tell you what else I got, because once my Dad said, “Oh, wait! What have we got here?”, and reached for that box, something inside of me believed.  I just knew it had to be my phone, in the blue neon color I had requested.

It was socks.

No, nooo, it was my phone! Of course it was my phone! And, AND, the kicker? I got MY OWN phone line to go with it!  That was a big deal back then, as it was relatively new technology: 2 different phone lines in one house? Madness!  I thought I was the S.H.!.T. 

And ya’ know, I was, for that moment in time…that’s what was so great about the 80s.  Sadly, now, I can’t even remember what happened to that phone, maybe a garage sale sacrifice at some point? Gasp! The shock, the horror, I know!  Believe you me, if I had a LAN line in my house today, this baby would have come home with me, no doubt!

I will always love you dear 80s.

Stay cool, have a great summer, and LYLAS,
Kerrie + 80s = BFF

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the jewelry I’m sporting, and it’s probably because I bought a new batch from my favorite Texas based jewelry designer, Natalie Tischler of

How sweet is this? I've since learned the apple pendant is an old Avon style. I love it b/c I love NYC and it's a 'big apple'!

Natalie is based in Austin, and I’ve been buying jewelry from her since she’s been in business these past 6 years, and I FINALLY got to meet her when Make Shop & Studio had their Urban Bazzar this past spring!  Most of Natalie’s pieces are one-of-a-kind creations because she takes apart old vintage necklaces and combines them with modern flare. 

Here are the three I picked up that the numeral 5, it's my favorite typography number, and the horse and star is a throwback to me living in Texas.

Visit her website…oh, and FREE shipping, hello!  Tell her I sent ya’!  :)

I didn’t get the table. :(

As lovely as it was, I simply couldn’t justify having it given:

a) I have a table I haven’t been able to sell yet

b) I’d have no room to store it until I sold mine

c) Not sure of the costs/time of refinishing it – I’d be without a table even if I HAD sold my current one

But it was sooo pretty, and cool…farewell awesome Danish table.

PS - if you're interested in it, let me know and I'll put you in contact w/ the seller!

Wall graphics

OMG, I’ve been shopping different vendors that offer cool/mod wall graphics that you easily apply.

I must have the spirals, mod pods, and sputnik from One Up Wall Graphics!

I see PUMPKINS in them thar hills!

Okay, so those pumpkins are decorative, and those hills are the aisles of Michael’s…but fall decor is a’ comin’ out people! Which only means if you can just look past the triple-digit heat, we’re on our way there!

June 25th WAS the 6 month mark y’all! (Sadly, also the day that MJ passed, but I always mark the 6 month countdown to Christmas! Just a lil’ sadder this year.) :(

Another new toy…gotta’ love those Breville folks

My Breville® Stainless Steel Smart Oven™ ROCKS YOUR SOCKS!

I’d been saving up for this lil’ diddy. It’s perfect for when you don’t want to heat up the whole kitchen by turning on your reg oven. Like, May – Sept here in Texas! lol It’s oversized, so it will fit a 12″ pizza, and came w/ a pizza pan, and broiling pan!
I used it for the first time last night and made roasted chicken in like 15 mins. Did I mention it’s convection??? :) And did I mention that it fits nicely on a shelf inside my tall pantry cabinet, and there’s a plug-in inside the pantry. So, I can hide it away and it doesn’t take up counter space – genius!

I LOVE-LOVE it. I will make more things, and report back.


Okay, on to a diff kind of sushi, SHOE-shi. OMG…I SO WANTED this pair of Coach platforms at the new Nordstrom Rack that opened at ParkLane this weekend. So much so that I toted them around the store for about 2 hours, trying to justify the purchase, at a whopping deal of $119 for the pair. So, I toted, and doted, and dillied and dallied, and ultimately decided I should put them back and save my money (besides, the too-cute lil’ gold buckles on the straps totally hurt the tops of my toesies after I wore them around for a bit).

So, with a pout on my face, I put them back on the rack, and promptly went out to my car, drove across the street to NorthPark Center, and plopped down more money than the above on M.A.C. make-up! (Go see Joel – pronounced Joe-ehl – at the Nordstrom M.A.C. – love him!) Oh, the sacrifices we women make for the greater good…