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Happy Anniversary (to me)

Apparently today is my three-year blog anniversary. I know this because it popped up in my trusty Google calendar.

What I also know is that I suck at being a blogger lately!  I’ve been busy…with life…things like:


Buying new OPI colors: Fly (Nicki Minage collection) and Thanks A Windmillion


Trying to squeeze my big feet into awesome 80s inspired shoes.


Coveting new Le Creuset colors Indigo & Marsailles.


Baking almost everything in the March Bon Appetit issue.


Trying Sonic's new sweet potato tots - yum!


Playing Scrabble...not really.


Making mac n' cheese awesomeness.


Celebrating turning 35 at POSH in Scottsdale, AZ.


Rocking Thanksgiving w/ my first homeade rolls!


Celebrating my fantastic city at the Calatrava Bridge opening.

See, I’ve been up to stuff…just haven’t been good at telling you all. Me sorries.

Dear 80s,


Are you there 1980s, it’s me, Kerrie.  And I’ve missed you terribly. What, with your simpler times, yet your not so simple fashion trends (hello, Gucci jean cuff rolls or Mix-Its anyone)?

Your forgiveness of Aqua Net abuse, and your St. Elmos Fire instrumental theme…ahh, good ole’ 7 Minutes in Heaven at your friend’s party!

Today I miss you so terribly because I saw this phone in a thrift store.  This black laquer, touch-tone phone from Radio Shack, originally available in either pink or blue neon.

I coveted this phone for an entire year, begged for it for Christmas, and it beckoned me those many months with its frosty glow from beyond the storefront window.

Then, on that wintry Oklahoma morning, it happened.  My parents left a small-ish box tucked away behind the tree, passing it off as a relative’s gift.  Everything had been opened, and while I appreciated my haul, there was the slight tinge of something longed for that wasn’t in my pile.

While I must have enjoyed all of my gifts that year, I couldn’t even tell you what else I got, because once my Dad said, “Oh, wait! What have we got here?”, and reached for that box, something inside of me believed.  I just knew it had to be my phone, in the blue neon color I had requested.

It was socks.

No, nooo, it was my phone! Of course it was my phone! And, AND, the kicker? I got MY OWN phone line to go with it!  That was a big deal back then, as it was relatively new technology: 2 different phone lines in one house? Madness!  I thought I was the S.H.!.T. 

And ya’ know, I was, for that moment in time…that’s what was so great about the 80s.  Sadly, now, I can’t even remember what happened to that phone, maybe a garage sale sacrifice at some point? Gasp! The shock, the horror, I know!  Believe you me, if I had a LAN line in my house today, this baby would have come home with me, no doubt!

I will always love you dear 80s.

Stay cool, have a great summer, and LYLAS,
Kerrie + 80s = BFF

Thrift store finds.

I always seem to find things when I’m not really looking.  Like accidental trips to Goodwill and The Salvation Army stores in my sweaty yoga gear!  lol

I came back with these treasures most recently.

I had been looking for vanity trays to use for my perfumes, etc., and I think these work out nicely.  I hadn’t seen the glass/metal ring variety in so long…I’m surprised it’s still around, as the bottom glass is so thin!  And the beveled star cut into the bottom is just beautiful.  The other piece is a tray, pink glass, with a texture like small hobnail on the bottom, and dainty, scalloped handle edges.  I love them both, and they cost me a whopping $6/each!  lol

Sonic’s New Ads

Maybe you’ve seen or heard about the “New Sonic”?  That’s their new branding campaign, and they’ve made some changes, including their print ads…which my friend David points out are very sexual in nature.  lol

Case in point when I recently cruised thru for my happy hour Route 44 Cherry Coke:!

Wow, really Sonic?  So dirty, ballsy.  (I’m sure there’s a joke there in relation to one of their menu items…) ha

Mid-century side table

One of my fave thrift/rummage/vintage stores in Dallas is Dolly Python.  On a recent trip I scored this 3-tier mid-century side table…LURVE.

Minimal nicks and scratches!

And the best part?  It was half off – $24 bucks!  You know I love a deal!  In fact, every item in this vendors particular booth was half off, so I also scored some other amazing finds:

Collapsible bamboo fruit bowl...this may be 70s, but it's fantastic either way!

An original DANSK bowl...

...see? It cost me almost as much as the side table! lol It's all in the details.

And a cute little vintage candy dish in the shape of a heart. I have a similar candy dish of 3 circles fused together, and it's all white milk glass w/ the lil' knobbies.

Smashburger Opens in Uptown!

Who wants to cook this close to the holidays when you’re running around trying to finish last-minute errands, right?  If you’re in the Dallas/Uptown area, stop by Smashburger for lunch or dinner and let me know how it is – it’s their grand opening!  I’d go myself, but I’m participating in the Jingle Bell Run.

Hmmm, me telling you to go eat juicy burgers while I do a 5K.  Let’s not make analogies at this time!  ha

But, you can feel good about it, their folks let me know that Smashburger has partnered with Family Gateway and is donating one dollar from each Lonestar Smashburger sold from December 22, 2010 – January 17, 2011!  Each donation directly supports Family Gateway’s mission to break the generational cycle of homelessness by providing individualized care to homeless families with children; restoring the dignity, stability and self-sufficiency of the family unit.

See, feel good about helping others this holiday season, and in turn feel good about eating a tasty burger!  It all works out in the end Tiny Tim, “God bless us, every one.”

Annual Neiman Marcus Holiday Brunch

There’s still time to bust on down to the Neiman Marcus in downtown Dallas and partake of this absoultely fabulous buffet!  It’s going on thru Dec. 31st.  I’ve gone for 3 years in a row now, and all I have to say is that they brought back the NM 3-Cheese Mac and Cheese this year – it is worth the $32/person price alone.  I would not tell a lie.

But there’s so much to choose from, like the NM classic orange soufflé and chicken salad.  And the prime rib at the carving station with horseradish sauce.  Forget about it!  Wear your stretchy pants!  (Note: they only take cash, checks, and NM, Bergdorf, or AMEX CC’s.)

Don’t forget to check out the NM windows while you’re there, and walk all levels of the store – it’s like something out of an old movie, they absolutely deck it out.  Every moment of this experience is decadent! 

The first round, the cold bar, salads, dips, even smoked salmon and paté!

The second round, the hot bar, with all the holiday fixins'. The turkey melts in your mouth like butter!

Need a lil' sumthin' to wash it all down? The apple tarte tatin martini is fabulous!

Dessert round is always included, this year's theme was blue/blueberry!

Bad blogger, bad blogger!

I know, I know, I KNOW…how lazy have I been???  I’ve let the stress of work and the busy holiday time of year completely keep me from posting!  I’ve now had 2 loyal followers say, “Uhhm, yeah, where are the posts!?”  And I went, “Holy crap, you follow the blog!?”  lol

Me. <–dork.

So what’s been going on with me since I last posted on, err, uhm, Nov. 29th?  (Eeeek!  Embarrased!)

Uhm, lessee’…Beekman Holiday Special watching party complete with “model walking” for prizes, dinner at Parigi’s, Maple & Motor burgers w/ friends, chocolate gravy and breakfast casserole, baked 2 apple pies and a pumpkin pie, “gnocchi gnight” dinner party, my dad’s apple tree haul (hence the pies), pumpkin muffins w/ orange glaze, Mark’s fabulous chocolate birthday cake from Buttercream Bakery, aaaannnnnnd, OH!  Annual Neiman Marcus Holiday Brunch last week.

Can I tempt you with what’s to come?  You’ll want to eat this:

Oh. Em. Gee.

Support a Dallas Photographer…

..and go check out my buddy Justin Terveen’s exhibition tonight at the Kessler Theater!

Photo courtesy of Justin Terveen.

In my opinion, Justin is one of the most prolific Dallas photographers I’ve ever come across…and I deal with a lot of them in my everyday 9-5 job.  If you think you know Dallas, then spend a little time on his Flickr page, and you’ll see our fair city in a whole new light!

The deets:

Urban Fabric: The Photographic Art of Justin Terveen
Friday, November 26 · 7:00pm – 11:30pm
Kessler/X+ Art Gallery
1230 West Davis Street

Justin Terveen is a gifted Dallas-based photographer and videographer. On Friday, November 26, the Kessler/X+ Art Gallery is pleased to present “Urban Fabric”, a collection of spectacular photographic images Justin has gathered in and around the Dallas area. In addition, expect highly visual musical performances by Spindrift, Fate Lions and The Cush. Black Friday in X+.  Tickets available at

Etsy Dallas Hosts Jingle Bash

Guess what I’m doin’ this afternoon w/ my gal-pal Kanita?

Looks like a lotta’ good, homeade, down-home fun, doesn’t it!  You should come!  go to for full details.

And if you’re into this sorta thing, you should definitely follow etsy Dallas on Facebook!